The Individual Time Trial is an individual event. As a test of the individual rider, the following rules are in effect and summarized from USA Cycling rules for the Individual Time Trial. Failure to ride the event as an individual may result in disqualification or a time penalty as determined by the race officials.

Route 29 Individual Time Trial Rules:

1) Be on Time

Riders should report to the starting area at least three minutes before their scheduled starting time and will be started at their scheduled time. If a rider starts late, the scheduled time is still used to compute the results.

2) Wear your number on the right side

It is helpful to the officials if you call out your number as you cross the line.

3) Warming up on the course is not permitted during the race

For your safety and the safety of others, please warm up off the course once the event has started.

4) Ride to the right of the white line

The road you are racing is open to vehicles. Stay as far right as possible

5) Drafting is not permitted

USA Cycling rules state “No rider shall take pace behind another rider closer than 25 meters (80 feet) ahead or 2 meters (7 feet) to the side.” Please note that conditions may not always provide 7 feet on the side to pass – please pass with care

6) No on course assistance can be provided

Follow vehicles are not permitted and racers may not receive coaching, pacing or mechanical assistance from others.

7) If you were injured during the race, please report to the race director or an official.

8) If you did not finish the race, please report to the race director or an official

9) Junior racers must perform a rollout

Roll-out will be performed in the results area by an official shortly after the last racer finishes the race to ensure that all junior gearing is correct. These areas are marked/communicated.

10) The results protest period is 15 minutes

We will have results posted as soon as possible, within 30 minutes of the last racer finishing generally. Awards will be presented once the protest period ends. Please be patient as we work to ensure that all results are accurate.

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